Multi Family Housing:  Town Houses,  Apartments,  Duplexes

 3 & 4 Bedroom Unfurnished Town Homes. 600 E Campus Drive.  2.5 Baths  Washer/Drier, Dishwasher, Central Air. (From $315. 00 Per Person Monthly)

2 Bedroom  Unfurnished Apartments. 609 E Campus Drive. 1 Bath. Washer/Drier, Dish Washer, Central standard in all Apartments.  (From $305.00 Per Person Monthly)

2  Bedroom Unfurnished Townhomes.  830 E College Close to School, but  Calm and Quiet.. Spacious Townhomes , Larger Bedrooms &  Storage. ( From $310.00  Per Person Monthly)

2 Bedroom Unfurnished Apartments. 703 S. Wall St.. 1 Bath. Washer/Drier, Dishwasher, Central Air Standard.  Large and inviting residences.  (From $360.00 Per Person Monthly)

3 Bedroom  Furnished & Unfurnished Town Homes 612 E Campus Drive. 1.5 Baths Washer/Drier, Dishwasher, Central Air, Heat Pump (From $250.00 Per Person Monthly)

Meadow Ridge 1 ,   Four  Bedrooms start  Summer/ Fall

Stone Gate , Two Bedrooms Available  Summer & Fall

Eastland , Two Bedrooms Available Summer & Fall

Campus Square , Two Bedrooms start Fall

Meadow Ridge II,  Three Bedrooms start Summer/Fall

Attractive Meadow Ridge Apartments in Carbondale are leased by Woodruff Management and offer cost efficient  for SIU and John A Logan Housing   Campus Square offers 2 functional bedrooms and located next to SIUEastland Townhomes at 830 E college are 2 level siu off campus rentals managed by Woodruff Management. Meadow Ridge II Apartments are a great siu discount housing optionSpacious Stone Gate Apartments in Carbondale are leased by Woodruff Mangement.

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