Birchwood Townhomes

Unique 2 Bedroom Townhomes.  This Rural-Residential Complex offers 1 One Car Garage & more square footage than many 3 bedroom plans. 1.5 Baths  Washer, Drier, Dishwasher, and Central Air Standard

Birchwood  Summary

· Garage for your car or cycle

· Large South Facing Decks for Outside Entertainment

· Generous Storage inside

· Short Drive time to Giant City Park, Mall or S Campus Area

Renting from $315.00 Per Person Monthly 

2 person occupancy

Mixed Occupancy is the hallmark of this Rural Residential Complex.  6 Townhomes and 2 Flats are provide housing for both Students & Non Students.  The location is Slightly South and East of Campus on Giant City Road.  If you’re an out door type and love the parks and lakes,  then Birchwood is the perfect base camp.

And the drive from Birchwood to School or the Mall is short and uncomplicated.

Birchwood  Townhomes 6500 S Giant City Rd


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