Rental Policy Continued

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5Rental criteria.  All approvals are subject to management discretion.  To qualify for leasing with Woodruff Management, you must meet the following criteria:  

       a.  Rental history.  Your previous rental records must be satisfactory. 

       b.  Credit history.  Your current and past credit record must be satisfactory. 

       c.  Criminal history.  If you have ever been convicted of a felony, your application will not be                                        approved.  If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty 

                 or violence within the past five years, your application will be not be approved.

      d.  Guarantors.  All applicants are required to have a cosigner to guarantee the lease.  This cosigner must be a parent or legal guardian.  In the event that a consigner is not practical (i.e., parents residing out of the country), an additional payment of last month's rent  is required).

Woodruff Management  strives  to offer more value for your money than our competitors. W we hope you agree.  However, potential residents should understand  that our leases do not allow for beer kegs,   satellite dishes, keg or other large parties or pets on the premises . Lease violations can   result in substantial financial penalties and/or eviction.  So, if you foresee any difficulty in following these leasing requirements, we respectfully ask that you make  other housing arrangements that will be more accommodating to both you and your landlord.

4. Application process.  We evaluate every application in the following manner.  The applicant submits a rental application along with the applicable deposit and the nonrefundable application fee (application fee shall be in the form of a cash payment).  A verification of your previous rental references, credit history and criminal background check will be completed.  This process takes one to two days.  Available properties are reserved in the order that the applications were received.